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PNP - Precision Nutrition Plus


Whey-Pro 5 is a high performance blend of whey proteins, colostrum and digestive enzymes to create the ultimate whey protein powder for post-workout recovery or a between meals protein shake for maximum muscle recovery, repair, maintenance and growth. Whey-Pro 5 comes with minimal amounts of sugar and is low in cholesterol, mixes easy, digests quickly and tastes great. What’s In Whey-Pro 5? Whey Protein Isolate: Offers the most protein per gram than any other source of whey protein. Absorbs quickly into the bloodstream and muscle tissues and has immune-boosting properties to protect your body during periods of intense training.* Whey Protein Concentrate: The most whole source of whey protein, concentrate is a slower digesting whey protein that offers real food substances including alpha-lacto globulins and lactoferrins, which have immune-boosting and muscle-building properties.* Whey Protein Hydroslate: Hydrolyzed whey is protein that’s been broken down into fast-absorbing peptides. The fastest absorbing of all forms of whey, hydrolyzed whey hits the bloodstream first, providing a rapid infusion of muscle-building amino acids.* Colostrum: Helps support your immune system, which is weakened through hard training sessions. Colostrum also helps prevent leakiness, the tendency for macromolecules to escape the digestive tract through the intestinal wall, while providing real food substances that play a critical role in your body. Cysteine, Lactoferrin and Immunoglobulins, which are found in colostrum, help regulate metabolism, improve immunity, support good bacteria in your gut and act as antibodies.* Digestive Enzyme Blend: Helps break down food along the digestive tract so that the maximum amount of nutrients can be more efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream. The added digestive enzymes insure maximum utilization of Whey-Pro 5® muscle-building protein components to make sure you’re getting more out of each serving.* Supports Immune System And Lean Muscle Repair And Building* - Advanced blend of fast digesting whey proteins for quick absorption* - Supports immune system health* - Provides 40g of protein per 2 scoops* - Provides digestive enzyme blend for ease of absorption*
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