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Testosterone Conversion Factor-1 (8.2oz)

A lot of “testosterone boosters” seem to make crazy claims like “BOOST TESTOSTERONE BY 1200%!” -- or by some unbelievable crazy amount. The truth is, most of these claims are the result of unnatural steroids in the product, or flat out lies. Needless to say, we really didn’t want to call Testosterone Conversion Factor-1 a“testosterone booster”. Quite frankly, we would be embarrassed to even put it in the same category. So, we created a new category. It’s called the “Testosterone Conversion Factor”category. We felt the name “Testosterone Conversion Factor-1” was appropriate since TCF-1 increases the first (and most important) step in testosterone conversion. We will get to that later. Now, read this next line carefully - Human research shows that supplementing with TCF-1 can increase total testosterone production by 42% in only 12 days. (1) Furthermore – Out of the 23 participants, 20 had a significant increase in testosterone after just 12 days. The placebo group did not have an increase in testosterone. (1) The results are shown here – Note - Each serving of TCF-1 includes the exact dose used in the above study. A 42% increase in total testosterone after 12 days is nothing short of phenomenal. What makes TCF-1 so compelling is that these results were accomplished by a single naturally occurring D-amino acid and only this specific D-amino acid has this testosterone boosting ability. (1-3) Before I tell you about this unique D-amino acid and how it works let me give you a few facts - TCF-1 contains no herbs TCF-1 contains no stimulants TCF-1 contains no steroids or hormones TCF-1 contains no “proprietary” or “secret ingredients” In other words, TCF-1 has nothing to hide. It provides real benefits with a proven ingredient. It also happens to be non-suppressive and 100% natural. TCF-1 is unlike anything the market has ever seen. TCF-1 – A Critical Factor for Male Health Boosting total testosterone by 42% will have some serious physical and mental benefits, but personally I’m more excited about how TCF-1 works, than the benefits it provides (probably because I’m a major science geek). As far as we know, TCF-1 is the only bio-available, naturally occurring amino acid shown to have such a profound effect on total testosterone levels in healthy men. (1-3) As you can see from the graph above TCF-1 is a powerful LH booster, but it’s not the primary mechanism of how TCF-1 increases testosterone – it’s something else, something much more interesting. TCF-1 directly up-regulates the most important factor in testosterone creation –cholesterol transfer. (3-4) In the following segments you will learn exactly why this is so important – and why it’s a must have supplement for any man seeking to naturally increase his testosterone levels. The Testosterone Production Line When testosterone levels are low, the brain senses this, and pulses a large dose of luteinizing hormone (LH) into the blood stream. The cells in the testes responsible for creating testosterone are called leydig cells. So, the LH travels to the leydig cells and transmits a message to “increase testosterone production”. Once LH binds to the outside of the cell it begins communicating the message to “increase testosterone” by sending out commands to the cellular hormone stations within the cell – such as the powerhouse of the cell, the mitochondria – which is responsible for the first step in hormone production. (3-4) Since cholesterol is the starting material for all hormones, the mitochondria is ordered to collect nearby cholesterol. Because cholesterol cannot pass the walls of the mitochondria on its own, a special transport protein is produced to wrap around cholesterol and carry it through the walls of the mitochondria. This is avery important job which is specifically assigned to steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (sTAR). (3-4) And here we reach the bottleneck… sTAR - The Bottleneck of Testosterone Getting cholesterol inside the mitochondria is the rate limiting step of testosterone production and sTAR is the key transporter in this process. (2-4) I’ll say it again, because it’s so important… The transport of cholesterol into the mitochondria via sTAR is the rate-limiting step -- the critical control point – the slow point in testosterone creation. Therefore, no matter how much LH or cholesterol you have in your body, testosterone production will always be limited by the amount of cholesterol that can be brought into the mitochondria via sTAR. Increasing sTAR should be the #1 priority for any male trying to increase his testosterone level. TCF-1 Increases Mitochondrial sTAR by 90% Incubation of testicular cells with TCF-1 has shown to directly increase sTAR protein levels by 90% within the mitochondria. Researchers propose this is a result of TCF-1 enhancing sTAR mRNA levels, thus enhancing replication of the sTAR protein. (4) This is the primary mechanism that makes TCF-1 so special. TCF-1 is one of the only amino acids known to significantly increase the level of cholesterol transport protein (sTAR) within the mitochondria. (1-4) The process of TCF-1, sTAR and testosterone conversion looks like this – With higher amounts of sTAR in the mitochondria, more cholesterol will be transported into the mitochondria for processing into testosterone. This will increase the testosterone production in response to stimulus. (3-5) In other words, by increasing sTAR, TCF-1 will result in – Higher testosterone output from the body’s natural LH stimulus (1, 3, 6) Higher testosterone output from exogenous hCG stimulus (3) Yes, you read that right. TCF-1 enhances testosterone output from the testes in response to LH or hCG by increasing the testes ability to turn cholesterol into testosterone. In addition, TCF-1 is also a powerful LH booster. (1,6) This makes TCF-1 an essential supplement for men who – Have low LH & low testosterone and want to restore normal levels of both Have normal LH with low testosterone and want to restore normal testosterone levels Have normal LH and normal testosterone and want to maximize production of both Post Cycle Therapy? You bet. Right about now you are probably realizing that TCF-1 is a must have for post cycle therapy (PCT). It’s true, TCF-1 can dramatically improve recovery of natural T levels and would have synergistic effects with the Testosterone Recovery Stack (TRS) or even a SERM such as Toremifene, Nolvadex or Clomid. In fact, TCF-1 is going to become an addition to the TRS package, since it plays such an important role in testosterone production. If you are looking for the best possible PCT, TCF-1 should be included. Grape Flavor – Beware I’ll be the first to admit that some of our liquid products are not the tastiest creations. Most of our customers have to quickly follow their dose of PP liquid products with a big glass of water. This time around we’ve managed to make TCF-1 taste like pure grape sweet tart candy. Seriously. In fact, the grape flavor is so addictively tasty; I literally took 10x the recommended dose when we got our first sample. I also suffered from a 2hr headache, so no matter how much you want to drink your entire bottle of TCF-1 – don’t do it. Identity of TCF-1 TCF-1 is a highly purified sodium-D-aspartate – the exact same form of d-aspartic acid used in the human study showing a 42% increase in total testosterone levels. (1) D-aspartic acid Remember, L-aspartic acid is NOT the same amino acid as D-aspartic acid. It is a completely different amino acid that will not provide the same benefits. (1-4) Recommended Use Since long-term human studies have not been done with d-aspartic acid supplementation we are making a conservative recommendation to only use this product in 12-day intervals. For instance - Take 10ml once daily for 12 days. Then take 12 days off. Repeat. Dosing in such a fashion would allow a user to obtain the clinically proven benefits, but also allow the TCF-1 to clear the body during the off period before starting supplementation again. Safe & Natural As a naturally occurring water-soluble amino acid, d-aspartic acid is considered completely safe and non-toxic (aside from my super-high dose headache experience). In fact, no serious negative side-effects have even been recorded in animal or human trials with d-aspartic acid. (1-6) However we encourage our customers to always consult with their practitioner prior to using any testosterone boosting product. Order Today, Save Your Testicles Tomorrow
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