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Iron Forged Nutrition

Synthermo Fat Metabolizing Matrix

Introducing the latest creation from Iron Forged Nutrition a advanced thermogenic agent designed to maximize fat loss with a increase in metabolic rate and solid suppression in appetite. Synthermo utilizes full dosed ingredients nothing under cut, Iron Forged Nutrition is all about delivering a product that works for the consumer and gives results. - activates key subcutaneous fat burning receptors - targets beta--2 and alpha-2 receptors (i.e. trouble spots) for optimal subcutaneous fat (belly fat) loss without catabolic muscle loss. - bring your stomach fat out of hibernation The alpha-2 receptor is responsible for inhibiting lipolysis, in the stomach region specifically... which basically means it is responsible for storing and keeping body fat around and prevents the fat from being used as energy.... With the alpha-2 receptors activated this allows your body to STORE and KEEP stomach fat around.... Key ingredients in Synthermo help block the alpha - 2 receptors allowing your body to burn up all the unwanted subcutaneous fat held around the stomach area... Synthermo will allow your stomach fat to come out of hibernation and leave the body, revealing the ripped abdominal muscles that have been hiding. Caffeine Anhydrous Caffeine may be helpful in suppressing your appetite for a brief time. Burns calories Caffeine may stimulate thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a process by which the body generates heat and energy from digesting food. The Thermogenic effect of Caffeine Anhydrous may help you burn more calories. Increases Water loss In some people, caffeine can act as a diuretic, increasing the amount of urine passed. Since urine's main component is water, the water loss from the body can temporarily decrease body weight. Protects memory Research conducted in France, studied the effects of coffee consumption on memory in women and men. It found that women who drink at least three cups of coffee a day have lower chances of cognitive decline as compared to those who drink one or no cups of coffee in a day. The study established that caffeine is the main component responsible for reducing cognitive decline. Works against diabetes risk It was found that caffeine helped prevent high glucose levels and also improved insulin sensitivity. Better insulin sensitivity helps the body use insulin more efficiently. Caffeine anhydrous has also been said to boost energy and mental alertness. Pouchang Tea extract Pouchang tea contains a compound called AMP citrate which is a very close relative to DMAA structurely or 1,3-dimethylamylamine but acts differently in many positive ways. The close relationship between these two compounds can be best demonstrated by the fact that AMP citrate (methylpetanamine) and DMAA (AKA methylhexanamine) share the same basic structure, but DMAA contains an extra carbon in its skeleton. Because of these similarities, the effects of AMP citrate are very similar to DMAA but much smoother and less likely to cause negative side effects unless it is abused. When consumed in small doses, AMP citrate is a central nervous system/ mental stimulant that can help increase energy, focus, and metabolism. Camellia Sinensis Camellia Sinensis is widely considered an A+ antioxidant due to its high concentration of polyphenols, which are compounds that help destroy potentially harmful free radicals. Camellia Sinensis may also help support normal, healthy immune function. Camellia Sinensis may promote fat loss and support weight management by increasing energy expenditure. By increasing your overall metabolic rate, Camellia Sinensis can be used in combination with exercise to assist your fat-loss physique goals.Camellia Sinensis also contain a small amount of natural caffeine, which can help increase energy. Dendrobium Elevate your mood. One thing that most will notice is that it puts you in a good mood. This is because it has naturally occurring forms of Phenylethylamine. Phenylethylamine is known to help boost mood and increase focus, but when taken in high dosages it makes you feel happy. Phenylethylamine reacts differently with each user and makes some people feel more alert and focused, where other users have noticed that it makes them feel confident. Boost your metabolism. Dendrobium extract is a stimulant, but unlike other stimulants it doesn’t restrict blood flow. If you need a boost before you go to the gym, using Dendrobium Extract instead of caffeine or in cohesion with caffeine you can actually achieve better results. When you restrict veins, it is a disadvantage to the muscles. The muscles need the nutrients from the veins, but if the veins are tight then it makes it more difficult to recover and get to the next set, or more weight. Using Dendrobium Extract instead helps give you energy and doesn’t restrict you from achieving better results in the gym. In traditional Chinese Herb medicine, dedrobium is used to cure various diseases. It functions with Healing properties, Skin enhancing effect, Improved breathing capability, Improved bodily functions and Increased functioning of body. Synephrine Hcl Synephrine HCL has shown to be an impressive ingredient for helping people lose weight. By increasing energy and alertness Synephrine helps with the needed motivation to continue on an exercise and diet plan. Metabolism is also increased with Synephrine which is the major contributor to the weight loss individuals experience when taking Synephrine
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