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Abliderate Advanced

Southland ABLIDERATE Advanced: Ultimate Topical Fat Loss! Product Highlights Combats stress fat/VATLocally reduces cortisol formationInhibits fat storageIncreases fatty acid oxidation. Abliderate Advanced marks the return, and homage to, one of the finest VAT-reducing formulas ever marketed! Using the most effective localized carrier in the world combined with a form of DHEA (notably 3-Acetyl, 7-OXO DHEA) effective at blocking the conversion of cortisone to fat-inducing cortisol, Abliderate Advanced reduces the belly-increasing effects of cortisol without causing the side effects of systemic cortisol reduction - notable soreness in joints. 3-Aceryl, 7-OXO DHEA, a safe and natural metabolite of DHEA, is an effective agent in suppressing excessive cortisol production by blocking the actions of 11b-HydroxySteroid Dehydrogenase - the enzyme that converts Cortisone into VAT forming Cortisol. The addition of Resveratrol, and Omega 3 complex, High Chlorogenic Acid GCBE, and the DGAT inhibitor Nobiletin contribute additional potent factors to rapidly accelerate fat reduction and prevent redepositiom, as well as tightening up the skin. ABLIDERATE Advanced provides all of the metabolic benefits of in a localized infusion matrix. Its targeted application is specifically designed to make ABLIDERATE Advanced the definitive product for those seeking to get rid of troublesome midsection fat and visceral adipose tissue, in which excess cortisol is the primary contributor to fat gain. ABLIDERATE assists in reducing the negative effects of cortisol such as with insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and other pathologies of Metabolic Syndrome X.. Abliderate Advanced is available in the economical 6 ounce size, a 50% increase in quantity, and should last 4-6 weeks. Notable results will be seen in days, rather than weeks. Directions: Apply two quarter-sized amounts around entire core area, including kidney area. For optimal results, make sure and apply after taking a shower.
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