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Soy Protein Isolate - Non-GMO (1lb)

SOLD BY THE POUND AS ARE ALL PROTEINS FROM PN UNLESS NOTED There have been clashing opinions about soy protein isolate and its benefits. We at Prescription Nutrition believe it has a place in the health and wellness community, hence we are now stocking a high-quality soy protein isolate with an isoflavone content higher than most on the market. The protein is fluffy, and instantized remarkably well with a creamy texture. Health and Wellness Benefits Soy protein isolate is a protein derived from a non-animal based source. Our soy protein isolate is derived from non-containing genetically modified organsims soy bean and defatted soybean flakes. This is important for our vegan customers who need and want protein, but need a protein that fits their unique lifestyle. Our soy protein isolate is a complete protein from a non-animal source which meets this need. Soy protein isolate also has many other health and wellness benefits. For instance, studies have shown that diets that include soy products greatly reduce the chance of cancer and heart disease. Athletic benefits include anti-estrogenic properities due to the high isoflavone content in found specifically in our soy protein isolate. This is an important aspect to active men,women,bodybuilders,and other athletes. Don't be fooled by other soy proteins on the market. Ours is one of a handful that can actually guarantee 2mg of isoflavones for 1g of soy protein isolate powder. Most soy proteins on the market claim 5-6mg of isoflavone content per 30g. We guarantee 15mg of isoflavones per 30g of powder. 3x more than most soy protein powders available. Isoflavone Content per serving 15mg per ~30g (70cc scoop) powder Key Benefits 24g Protein per serving Complete protein source for vegans 5g BCAA per serving 6g Glutamine per serving 15mg isoflavones per serving Soy may raise the level of endogenous production of thyroxin, which in turns speeds up metabolism. Daidzein, one of soy's isoflavones, may raise the level of testosterone and growth hormone. Also contains fractions of vitamin A, essential B vitamins, and vitamin C naturally Directions As a dietary supplement, mix 1-2 servings of material in 12-20 floz of your favorite beverage. Stir, and enjoy! Ingredients Soy Protein Isolate, Soy Lecithin General Warnings If you are currently pregnant or nursing, consult a physician prior to use. Keep out of the reach of children. Allergen Warnings Although this product may not contain one or all of the following, this product is manufactured in a facility that handles milk, soy, egg, peanut, nut, tree, fish, crustaceans/shellfish, and wheat products.
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