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Fresh Whey Isolate (1lb)

Sold by the pound - 2 lbs minimum There is no “Whey” to compare this product to other wheys on the market. Fresh Whey Isolate is unique in that it is Hormone Free and from a Non-GMO source. Fresh Whey is whey protein isolate that is derived from milk, unlike most others that are derived from cheese. Fresh Whey is also rBST free and a product of free range dairy cows. It doesn’t get more pure than this. This is simply the cleanest, freshest whey you can buy on the market. From the dairy to the bag in less than 24 hours, hence the name Fresh Whey. Compared to our standard whey isolate, this product is superior for reasons listed below. Fresh whey is the future of whey for those that are concerned where and how their whey protein isolate was produced. Leave it to Prescription Nutrition to source and bring this product to you. Fresh whey is also only available with stevia sweetener. We did this to make this product 100% natural as natural can get. What flavor you choose to add from here is up to you. Notice that PN now has all natural flavoring as well. For those only wanting 100% natural products, here is your chance. Did we mention Fresh Whey is SOY FREE as well. Fresh whey uses a unique and new to the market coconut lecithin which is another added benefit for those looking for the ultimate whey. So when you consider all the unique properties of the whey isolate, its in a class all by itself. Health and Fitness Information All the benefits of whey isolate but with less processing, all natural options, lactose and soy free. Lets look at some other factors that make this protein unique and worth the increased cost: Non-GMO Derived rBST Free Product of Free Range, Grass Fed Dairy Cows 27g Protein Per Serving 7g BCAA's Per Serving 5g Glutamine Per Serving Lactose Free Soy Free - This product uses coconut lecithin as an emulsifying agent If you are looking for the future of whey, come no further. There are other companies selling a product similar to this claiming everything under the sun. Read their fine print though. Its whey concentrate. Why settle for inferior products? Get the best, and we only supply the best. Sold by the pound as all protein from PN is unless noted Directions for Use Use as needed/directed for your fitness and nutritional goals. Mixes easily with water, milk, or your favorite beverage.
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