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Coconut Oil

At last! After months of research and taste testing countless jars of coconut oils from all over the world we finally found it! No need to look any further because Prescription Nutrition’s Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is supreme in every way. We chose this particular coconut oil over centrifuged extracted because it is superior in flavor, quality, and it remains raw throughout the process leaving you with a purer, less processed product. Not to mention, it is USDA Certified Organic by ICS (International Certification Services). That’s right! You wanted the best and we found it. Why Cold-Pressed? First, we chose this particular process because analytical work done at the University of the Philippines in Manila proved that using the cold-pressed method to produce coconut oil left the most trace nutrients in the product. Secondly, the coconut remains raw and cool throughout the entire process. No chemicals or heat are applied. No refining, no bleaching, no funny business! The cold-press process leaves you with the purest oil possible. How is Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil Processed? Fresh coconuts are opened and the coconut meat is removed and grated. The grated coconut is then dehydrated at a low temperature resulting in crisp fresh flakes. The flakes are then pressed to extract the nutrient rich flavorful coconut oil that remains raw throughout the entire process. This pure oil is lightly filtered to remove the larger particles leaving this oil one of the most flavorful oils ever produced. It presents a light coconut flavor and can be eaten directly off of the spoon because of the smooth, pure, and slightly sweet taste. There is no comparison to the quality of this product anywhere! What are its Benefits? Lauric acid makes up about 50% of coconut oil and is one of the “good fats” that doctor’s recommend. Lauric acid is a rare medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA) that is found in mother’s milk and has been shown to have anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial health-protecting properties. Extra virgin non-hydrogenated coconut oil increases the heart friendly high-density lipoproteins and improves cholesterol. It does not cause a disruption in the amount of lipids in the blood and promotes a decrease in abdominal obesity. It has been shown to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption. MCFA’s found in coconut oil are a beneficial replacement of other fats in that they increase satiety and promote increased caloric expenditure (metabolism) for up to 24 hours. Additionally, medium-chain fatty acids are not digested the same way as other fatty acids. Instead, they are directly broken down and transported to the liver as fuel which means it is used for energy and is less likely to be stored as fat. These MCFA’s are easy for the body’s cells to use as a source of energy making it a great addition to an athlete’s diet for sustained endurance. Additional Benefits and Uses Skin care Stress Relief Hair Care External Healing Quality Our coconut oil is USDA Certified Organic! With Prescription Nutrition you can rest assured that it is chemical-free, unfermented, unbleached, undeodorized, unhydrogenated, unrefined, cold-pressed, and is made from fresh coconuts, not dried copra. It has a fresh coconut fragrance, a light coconut taste, and is pure white when solid (below 72 degrees). Just the way a pure coconut oil should be! Net Wt. 16 oz. per container.
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