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Raw Dynamics

Micellar Casein 1lbs

Membrane Micellar Casein is a casein (milk protein derived) that is produced using a proprietary membrane filtration process. Our Membrane Micellar Casein is derived from grass-fed cattle. It possesses a strong milky flavor and mixes easily in a blender or shaker cup. Health and Fitness Information Membrane Micellar Casein is a superior version of the slow-release protein casein. Don't be fooled by other companies' calcium caseinate or microfiltered casein. Our casein has an excellent amino acid profile and should be used by anyone seeking a slow release anti-catabolic protein or anyone who wishes to use a dairy protein source that is derived from free range, hormone free cattle. This casein is the perfect protein to use right before bedtime to retain a positive nitrogen retention overnight aiding in recovery. Our premium ProBlend contains this protein as a major component too.
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