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Sustain Alpha Liqua-Vade

What is Sustain Alpha Liqua-Vade™? Sustain Alpha Liqua-Vade is a natural formula designed to stimulate the body’s own production of testosterone for maximum sexual performance -- Delivered with the new Liqua-Vade delivery technology. Sustain Alpha will support male vitality, libido, and erectile function. At the highest recommended dose, Sustain Alpha will last 25 days. By triggering blood flow to the penis, increasing testosterone production, and increasing confidence with anti-anxiolytic effects, Sustain Alpha a safe and legal formula to help support male reproductive function Sustain Alpha does not contain any pro-hormones or steroidal ingredients, therefore it can also be used in post cycle therapy (PCT) for pro-hormone products (i.e. Dermacrine, 1-T) to maximize testosterone production after a cycle. How exactly does Sustain Alpha increase Testosterone? To understand how Sustain Alpha increases Testosterone it’s important to understand the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testicular-Axis (HPTA). In a normal healthy male, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) are sent from the brain (the pituitary) to stimulate the testes to make testosterone and sperm. The release of LH & FSH from the pituitary is stimulated by Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) from the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is stimulated to produce GnRH when it senses low levels of steroid hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. (hypothalamus [GnRH] --- > pituitary [LH & FSH]--- > testes [testosterone]) On the other hand, when the brain detects high levels of steroid hormones it suppresses the release of GnRH, LH & FSH, and eventually testosterone production. This is called the negative feedback loop – the normal daily rhythm of hormone production. Sustain Alpha increases GrRH release by preventing the negative feedback of steroid hormones on the hypothalamus through GABAergic modulation and estrogen blockage*. In other words, Sustain Alpha offsets the suppression of steroid hormones in the brain, allowing the body to produce more testosterone than it normally would, by up-regulating GnRH and LH & FSH. More testosterone means more strength, confidence and sexual prowess. * Remember, maintaining normal levels of estrogen is an important part of maintaining libido, muscle recovery, and testicular function. Therefore, it is undesirable to overly suppress estrogen levels. The natural anti-estrogens in Sustain Alpha gently balance and control estrogen levels, without overly suppressing them. What sort of results should I expect? Within several days of beginning Sustain Alpha, the following results become noticeable - Improved libido More frequent & harder erections Increased ejaculatory volume Improved sense of well-being & social confidence What are the ingredients and how do they work? The first ingredient in Sustain Alpha is resveratrol (99% ultra-pure trans-resveratrol). Aside from the noteworthy benefits for the heart, resveratrol is an ‘estrogen blocker’ because of its unique chemical structure which binds to the estrogen receptor, thus inhibiting estrogenic activity. (1,2) As discussed before, blocking estrogen can help increase LH & FSH levels, which in turn stimulates testosterone production. Several animal studies have shown resveratrol to be a potent stimulator of testosterone production, fertility and erection frequency. (3-4) The mechanism for increasing testosterone and fertility this was linked to the estrogen blocking action, as well as the vasodilatory effect of resveratrol on erectile tissue in the penis, thus stimulating increased sexual activity. (4,9) The second ingredient in Sustain Alpha is 7,8 Benzoflavone. This neuro-active flavone has the ability to pass the blood brain barrier and block the suppression of GnRH release through modulation of the GABAergic receptor complex. (6,7,21-23) 7,8 benzoflavone also have positive effects on libido due to its aphrodisiac and anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving) effects. (10-13) By having natural anti-anxiety properties, 7,8-benzoflavone my help improve general self-confidence and well being. Other research has shown 7,8 Benzoflavone enhances the body’s clearance of estrogenic hormones by inducing 2-hydroxylation of these hormones. (24,25) Can Sustain Alpha be used for PCT? Yes, Sustain Alpha can successfully be used as a part of PCT for re-starting testosterone production after a suppressive cycle. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend stacking Sustain Alpha with Toco-8 for enhancing testicular sensitivity and intensifying testosterone production. For the maximum amplification of testosterone production, we recommend a stack of Sustain Alpha, Toco-8 and EndoAmp – included in the Testosterone Recovery Stack. Are there any side-effects? When using used as recommended, Sustain Alpha Liqua-Vade is completely safe and side effect free.
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