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Omega Sports introduces FlashOver – a seriously potent pre-workout powerhouse. We’re proud to unveil FlashOver as part of the Omega Sports Alpha Series. The Alpha Series represents an economical, basic approach to formulation and supplementation. Each product is scaled down to include only the most basic, proven ingredients without fluff or filler. By doing so, we are able to bring forth products with a proven track history of performance and a killer price point for budget-conscious customers. No sizzle and all steak. No fancy packaging or celebrity endorsements. No multi-patented ingredients that take tens of thousands of dollars in R&D like in ULTIMA – just proven ingredients at proven doses that, together, create an absolute firestorm of a product in FlashOver. When constructing FlashOver, Omega Sports listened to the people. Over and over again, we herad that energy and muscle pump were by far the most important aspects when choosing a pre-workout product. So, Omega Sports went ahead and created the very strongest product possible in these regards. Where many concentrated pre-workout products deliver serious energy, they often fail at producing any kind of significant muscle pump. Not with FlashOver. With the inclusion of GMS and a seriously huge dose of Norvaline, FlashOver is guaranteed to produce the most intense muscle pumps you have every experience. Together, with serious, butt-kicking energy, FlashOver is the absolute king of the concentrated pre-workout category. Creatine Monohydrate Let’s face it – no other ingredient in the history of sports supplementation has more proven research behind it thancreatine monohydrate. Tried and true, it is the workhorse of our industry. It works and works well at increasing strength and intense athletic output. Supplements that are non-hormonal and claim to increase strength withoutcreatine monohydrate are simply incomplete. There is no other supplement that gives you more bang for your buck than this diamond in the rough. Beta-Alanine If Creatine Monohydrate is your All-Star, Beta-Alanine is the un-sung supporting hero. In the last five years, no other ingredient has received so much scrutiny – and passed with flying colors than Beta-Alanine. Working in part by increasing the buffering capacity of working muscles, Beta-Alanine allows athletes to workout harder for longer periods of time. Where before you would hit the wall, with Beta-Alanine, you can push out that one last rep. Furthermore, research shows that when combined with Creatine Mononhydrate, the effects of Beta-Alanine are greatly increased. True synergy. Possibly the best 1-2 punch in sports nutrition. Glycerol Mono Stereate Omega Sports was the very first company to use GMS was back in 2004. Now, virtually every company in our industry utilizing this ingredient. Why? Because it works! GMS helps to draw more fluid and nutrients into muscle cells, creating a more vascular, dense look. Also, an increase in intra-muscular fluid and nutrients translates into increased strength gains, which would logically allow an increase in true muscle mass due to an ability to continually lift more and more weight. N-Acetyl Tyrosine N-Acetyl Tyrosine, or NAT, is an ingredient found in many energy drinks and pre-workout products. NAT is the acetylated version of the amino acid tyrosine, which is a precursor for the synthesis of the catecholaminesepinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine – which support brain function, mental acuity, alertness, possible feelings of euphoria and increased adrenaline output. Because FlashOver utilizes the acetylated version of Tyrosine, it is up to 20 times more soluable in water, as well as better absorbed and better utilized by the body than regular Tyrosine. Phenethylamine HCL Phenethylamine, or PEA, is the chemical found in such foods as chocolate which produce feelings of euphoria, alertness and increased attention. It is believed to work by making the brain release b-endorphin, an opioid peptidewhich is the driving force behind the pleasurable effects. For this reason, PEA has been dubbed “The love molecule”. When used in supplementation, PEA’s effects are virtually instantaneous, albeit short lived. Norvaline L-Norvaline is an analog of the branched chain amino acid Valine. L-Norvaline works by inhibits the arginase enzyme thus increasing arginine concentrations, which in turn increase circulating levels of Nitric Oxide, or NO2. NO2 is what is responsible for producing rapid and dramatic muscle pumps. Norvaline is a very expensive ingredient, and is usually severely under dosed in most products. FlashOver, however, provides a hefty dose of Norvaline for the most intense pumps of your life. Caffeine Let’s face it – other than creatine monohydrate, the most widely used ingredient in the sports nutrition industry is caffeine. Caffeine is somewhat of a wonder drug. Praised for its ability to increase metal alertness, cognitive ability, and even ergogenic output (strength) caffeine is a truly multi-faceted ingredient. Simply stated, any pre-workout product without caffeine is not complete. 1,3Dimethylamylamine
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