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Need To Build Muscle


NTBM Gear: Product Features * Provides you with the bioactive enzymes your body needs to convert that protein into muscle * Allows a single gram of protein to act like 10 grams of protein * Pumps in the gym last longer * Maintain a great pronounced fullness and feel a better mind-muscle connection * Keeps your body in a more anabolic state Product Description Gear is an advanced protein delivery system and nutrition octane booster! When you take 2-4 capsules of Gear with your meals, it not only provides you with valuable, high quality aminos, serum proteins, and fractionated whey; it also provides you with the bioactive enzymes your body needs to convert that protein into muscle. It's like taking a pill that turns every meal into a high-quality protein shake! GEAR uses a concentrated form of protein that is both ENLARGED and FRACTIONED. In other words, each amino molecule not only encompasses more space, it is split into "micro molecules" which essentially increases the bio-availability ten-fold! A single gram of protein becomes more like TEN grams of super boiavalable protein! On top of that, Gear uses the power of Super Plasma Blood Serum Protein. Studies have shown that test animals fed a comparable calorie diet with Super Plasma Serum grew an average of 20% LARGER than those on a diet without it. This is because Super Plasma Serum is the protein that already exists in the blood plasma. It's instantly recognized as "useable". The extraordinary growth potential from Super Plasma Serum may also be due to the fact that it contains the highest IGF-1 level of any natural food source. Servings per Container: 200 Active Ingredient: Amount Per Serving Super Plasma Serum: 250mg Hydrolyzed Caseinate: 100mg Whey Fraction Complex: 100mg L-Leucine: 200mg L-Isoleucine: 175mg L-Valine: 150mg Aminogen: 25mg Bromelain: 25mg
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