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Target Response Complete Anabolic Mineral Complex! ZMK is an athletes complete multi mineral matrix formulated to maximize recovery while supporting healthy anabolic hormone levels, deep recuperative sleep, proper pH, cellular energy & cardiovascular health. ZMK is the only Krebs cycle chelated Zinc and Magnesium product of its kind and incorporates a full spectrum Krebs cycle chelated mineral support blend. ZMK is formulated specifically for the nutritional needs of athletes. All of the minerals in ZMK are naturally chelated to Krebs cycle Intermediates citrate, fumarate, malate, succinate and alpha-keto-glutarate. Theseorganic acids are responsible for energy production (ATP) within every cell of the body. Minerals chelated to theseKrebs cycle intermediates show superior bioavailability & are better absorbed & utilized yielding better results. ZMK is an advanced nighttime Krebs chelated anabolic mineral formula. Minerals are assimilated more efficiently at night and potentiate the release of important hormones such as Testosterone IGF-1 and Growth Hormone. Without the proper intake of minerals, levels of these vital hormones may fall, leading to poor recovery and performance. We all know the benefits of supplementing with Zinc and Magnesium as most of us have used ZMA with much success. ZMK differs from ZMA products in many different and beneficial ways. Krebs Cycle Intermediates are organic acids that are absolutely crucial to energy production within every cell of our bodies. Citrate, malate, fumarate, succinate and alpha Keto Glutarate all contribute as intermediates in the vital Krebs cycle. ZMK incorporates 3078mgs of Krebs cycle intermediates chelated to Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Molybdenum, Potassium, Vanadium and Boron. This not only bolsters the bioavailability of the minerals but also enhances the effects and efficiency of the P-5-P vitamin B-6 for optimal assimilation ATP production. Pyridoxal-5 Phosphate (P5P-active, co-enzyme B6) is the active, co-enzyme form of B6. Most B-6 included in nighttime mineral supplements is pyridoxine which must be converted in the liver to Pyridoxal-5 Phosphate for it to be properly utilized. Many individuals do not convert sufficient amounts of this important vitamin which can result in a B-6 deficiency and many health problems. Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate is necessary for neurotransmitter balance, immune function, amino acid and mineral absorption and metabolism. Deficiency may cause a decrease of mineral absorption and utilization. Pyridoxal-5 Phosphate is utilized by over 60 enzymes, and is also essential for protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. P-5-P was added to ZMK to maximize absorption of the already super bioavailable Krebs chelated minerals. Since P-5-P is phosphorylated it also contributes to the active production of ATP. A Naturally Occurring 72 Trace Mineral Blend is also incorporated into ZMK. It's difficult to comprehend the importance of minerals and trace minerals for the overall health and well being of our bodies. Trace minerals are the catalysts and cofactors for the production, conversion and utilization of countless enzymes, vitamins and other micro and macro nutrients our bodies use for developing and maintaining good health. If there is a group of nutrients an athlete is chronically deficient in it is trace minerals. The trace minerals contained in ZMK also help to further increase the already impeccable bioavailability of the Krebs cycle chelated minerals. Lets sum it up! Benefits of ZMK supplementation: Superior Bioavailability Increase Testosterone Levels Increase IGF-1 Increase Growth Hormone Increase Quality REM Sleep Maximize Recovery Increase ATP Maintain Healthy pH Support Cellular Integrity Support Cardiovascular Health ZMK FAQ's Q: Why is there no calcium in ZMK? And why does it say not to take it with calcium? A: As with any nighttime zinc and magnesium product calcium is counter productive to its effects. If calcium were included the body would use the vital magnesium found in ZMK for the absorption of the calcium making the product ineffective for its intended purposes. Most athletes are chronically deficient in magnesium in the first place. Serious athletes consume ample calcium containing foods such as green leafy veggies, salmon, tofu, peas, broccoli, beans, nuts, fortified bread, fortified cereals, fortified orange juice and dairy products which include milk, cheese, yogurt and the abundant amount of whey and casein protein consumed. As you can see most serious athletes consume enough calcium. Enough calcium that when combined with the stress of life and vigorous exercise it can be very magnesium depleting. Q: Why should I use ZMK over ZMA? A: Let's count the reasons. Here is what ZMK? contains and provides over your typical ZMA product. Superior bioavailablity Krebs cycle chelated Zinc & Magnesium Full spectrum Krebs chelated mineral support blend 3078mgs of Krebs cycle intermediates for ATP production Active form P-5-P co-enzymal vitamin B-6 Naturally occurring 72 trace mineral blend Q: Why a tablet instead of a capsule? I though tablets take longer to dissolve? A: We put ZMK into a tablet for two reasons. Space- Using a tablet allowed us to keep the serving size to 4 tablets. Versatility- Some people can't swallow capsules or tablets so we opted for a tablet that can be swallowed or chewed. The ZMK tablets were not pressed super hard like conventional tablets. They are softer and easily broken in half for varied personal dosing. This softer pressing also allows the ZMK tablets to be easily dissolved in the stomach and assimilated. Q: Do women still need all four tablets? A: Well we all have different nutritional needs but since female athletes are typically as or more deficient in magnesium than their male counterparts all four tablets would be optimal. There is one way to find out. Take four tablets, if you have loose stool then cut the dose back the next night to three tablets. Q: Who needs ZMK? A: Besides everybody? We all want a competitive edge and all athletes will benefit from ZMK's effects because we all need mineral support. Other than "Balls to the wall" workouts and training here is a short list of things to look for which could indicate need for nutritional support. Muscles that cramp easily and often Muscles that twitch uncontrollably or involuntarily Chronically tight muscles that are prone to pulling Restless sleep Diminished or suboptimal muscle recovery Brain fog Irritability High levels of stress or anxiety Regular consumption of Alcohol Use of Antibiotics Use of Diuretics Q: Does ZMK need to be cycled? A: No. ZMK can be used daily for optimal mineral support. Q: Is there a specific protocol for using ZMK? A: Yes! We recommend using MVP-365 for your daytime vitamin & antioxidant needs and ZMK for your nighttime mineral needs. Most sport nutritionists recommend taking your vitamins during the day and minerals at night. MVP-365 and ZMK allow you to do exactly that. 120 V-Caps Serving Size:4Vegetarian Capsules Servings Per Container:30 Amount % Daily Value ZMK™ Zinc (As Krebs CycleCFMSA Chelates) 30mg 200% Magnesium (As Krebs Cycle CFMSA Chelates) 500mg 125% Vitamin B-6 (As Pyridoxal 5' Phosphate) 25mg 1250% Complete Krebs Chelated Mineral Support Blend Selenium (As Krebs Cycle CFMSA Chelates) 200mcg 286% Copper (As Krebs CycleCFMSA Chelates) 2mg 100% Manganese (As Krebs Cycle CFMSA Chelates) 4mg 200% Chromium (As Krebs Cycle CFMSA Chelates) 200mcg 167% Molybdenum (As Krebs Cycle CFMSA Chelates) 80mcg 106% Potassium (As Krebs Cycle CFMSA Chelates) 100mg 3% Boron (As Krebs CycleCFMSA Chelates) 4mg * Vanadium (As Krebs Cycle CFMSA Chelates) 25mcg * Naturally Occurring 72Trace Mineral Blend 25 * Krebs CycleIntermediates 3078 * Citrate, Fumarate, Malate, Succinate & Alpha-Keto-Glutarate * No U.S. RDA has been established Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule (Natural Plant Cellulose) Directions For ZMK: As a dietary supplement take four ZMK� tablets 30-60 minutes prior to bedtime without calcium. Warnings: If pregnant or nursing consult your physician prior to use. Keep out of reach of children. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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