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Essence EFA - Mega Omega-3 Complex

"Omega-3 fatty acids benefit heart health. Whether you are in good shape, at risk, or suffering cardiovascular disease". -American Heart Association Fish oil with DHA, EPA and DPA has been referred to as the 'Wellness discovery of the 21st century.' Analysis has shown that the benefits from the fatty acids in omega 3 fish oil may actually start at conception. As a result, many physicians and health care providers now recommend that pregnant and nursing mothers supplement their diets with fish oil. Researchers are also looking into a possible connection between Omega 3 and depression, joint discomfort and even heart disease and cancer. The facts regarding omega-3 fish oils is simply amazing. The results of additional scientific studies are publicized practically every day and these studies continue to verify the importance of getting enough dietary fish oil. The polyunsaturated fatty acid in fish oil have been researched in connectino with health issues such as memory loss, high blood pressure, inflammation, dry skin, depression and breast cancer. But, it doesn’t stop there. The fatty acid may also help with the intellectual development of infants, prevention of ADHD and skin cancer. As research projects continue across the country, the positive health benefits only continue to mount. The benefits of adding omega 3 to any diet is simply staggering and research continues to find new reasons to add this nutrient to your diet. As omega 3 becomes more and more popular, understanding the scientific research becomes more and more important to be sure you are getting the right type of omega 3. With two types of omega 3 oil, knowing which oil is more beneficial and more easily absorbed is vital for your overall health. Often flaxseed and perilla are touted as omega 3 sources, but the oil found in these foods is minimal and difficult to convert. What is 'enteric coated'? An enteric coating is a barrier applied to oral supplement that controls the location in the digestive system where it is absorbed. Enteric refers to the small intestine, therefore enteric coatings prevent release of medication before it reaches the small intestine. This prevents the Omega-3's from being broken down in the stomach and also prevents "fish burps" that area common with fish oil supplements. Featured Online Retailers of Essence EFA™
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