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Freek Strength


GYM CHALK EVOLVED Introducing the first blue gym chalk formulated with powerful antiperspirant ingredients. Based on the same formula as our famous Grip Glue liquid chalk, Grip Grit takes gym chalk to a whole new level. More than just gym chalk, Grip Grit takes the tried and true grip enhancer, magnesium carbonate (traditional chalk), and combines it with a powerful antiperspirant formula to create the ultimate gym chalk. Grip Grit is super long-lasting, and outperforms any gym chalk on the market. WHY FREEK GRIP GRIT Antiperspirant - Keep your palms dry for your entire workout with our unique formula Blue Color - Stand out from the norm! Longer Lasting - Our formula bonds to your hands more securely than traditional chalk meaning less time applying chalk, and more time lifting weight Sniff Sniff - Smells great on your hands How to use: Coat hands evenly. Grab the weight and Unleash the Freek. 6oz of Loose Chalk Proudly Made in the U.S.A. __________ THE DIFFERENCE Traditional Chalk Made from magnesium carbonate, which is an grip-enhancing substance used for years to dry sweaty hands. However, magnesium carbonate needs to be applied dozens of times during a workout to continue drying out the hands as sweat continues to form, and the chalk layer is worn off. Grip Grit Made from a unique antiperspirant blend and combined with magnesium carbonate. The result is a far superior formula that uses magnesium carbonate to dry any existing sweat while the antiperspirant prevents additional sweat production during your workout. For most athletes a single application of Grip Grit gym chalk will stop sweat for an entire workout!
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