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Endo Amp Max 66g

Discontinued: Replaced by EndoAmp Caps What is EndoAmp Max? EndoAmp Max is a naturally occurring phospholipid complex, designed to minimize the cortisol increase after exercise while boosting testosterone and growth hormone (GH) response. As a mild "nutty" tasting powder, EndoAmp Max can be taken by itself or mixed with a beverage. Each dose includes 800mg of pure phosphatidylserine and 600mg of alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine (A-GPC). At the recommended dose, EndoAmp Max will last 29 days. EndoAmp Max is known as an endocrine amplifier because it can increase beneficial hormones such as testosterone & GH while preventing the unwanted spike in cortisol associated with exercise, so you can begin making progress towards building a harder, more masculine physique. How does EndoAmp Max work? EndoAmp Max works by supplying the body with vital phospholipids and neurotransmitters, thus reducing the requirement for cortisol following strenuous physical or mental activity and supporting higher testosterone and GH output. (11,21,37,38) Increased GH and testosterone levels help promote faster workout recovery, increased muscle growth and enhanced fat loss. (36) How does EndoAmp Max Support Testosterone production? The active ingredient phosphatidylserine (PS) prevents the causes of cortisol level increase after exercise, and is a vital nutrient that supports testicular function and testosterone production. (11,37) Each serving of EndoAmp Max includes a clinically proven dose of 800mg of PS. A recent study examined the effects of 10 days of 600mg/day PS supplementation on testosterone and cortisol during and after exercise. (37) The researchers found that PS supplementation increased testosterone 78% over the placebo group, while completely blunting the cortisol response to exercise. When analyzed for the testosterone to cortisol (T:C) ratio and compared to placebo, the PS group had a 3,354% higher T:C! In another human study, hormone levels where examined during two weeks of intense weight training. The group receiving the 800mg of PS had higher testosterone levels andlower cortisol levels, compared to the group receiving the placebo. (11) Another study showed that 800mg of PS reduced cortisol levels 30% (compared to the placebo group) after intense cycling exercise. (21) It’s been hypothesized that PS supplementation minimizes cortisol secretion by providing the necessary phospholipids required for cellular membrane structure and regulatory functions, thus reducing the requirement for bodily breakdown and nutrient displacement. (17,25,36,40) Research also suggests that PS supports testosterone production by increasing the testes sensitivity to luteinizing hormone (LH) and increases testicular steroidogenesis - aka the creation of testosterone. (1-11, 19-26) Take this quote from Cooke et al (1989) about the important role of PS in the testes – "The requirement for specific phospholipid configurations for optimal steroidogenic activity suggests a regulatory role for these membrane components. It is possible that certain phospholipids [phosphatidylserine] may possess the most suitable configuration and charge distribution to optimize the binding of the steroid substrate to the active site of the enzyme. Alternatively, they may assist the catalysis by providing a more suitable microenvironment or electrochemical gradient for proton transfer between enzyme and steroid." In other words, EndoAmp Max creates a more conducive environment for testosterone synthesis in the testes by mitigating the damaging effects from cortisol and supplying the testes with the necessary phospholipids for testicular function. How does EndoAmp Max support Growth Hormone (GH) production? The active ingredient alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine (A-GPC) increases the synthesis and release of an important neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine which enhances GH production following exercise. (38-43) Each serving of EndoAmp Max provides a scientifically proven dose of A-GPC. A recent study examined GH release in resistance trained men after supplementation with a single 600mg dose of A-GPC. When supplemented with A-GPC, GH levels peaked 68% higher than placebo following exercise. The peak bench press force was also 14% greater with A-GPC than placebo. (38) Similar results have been found in another human study with young and elderly subjects. In the young subjects (30-34 yrs), A-GPC lead to a 40% higher increase in GH over the non-A-GPC group. In the elderly subjects (80-82 yrs.), A-GPC caused a 140% higher increase in GH over the non-A-GPC group. (39) The research suggests that A-GPC amplifies the release of GH following growth-hormone-releasing-hormone (GHRH) stimulation. It was proposed that A-GPC supplementation increases acetylcholine levels in the brain, thus enhancing pituitary sensitivity and amplifying the release of GH from GHRH stimulation. (39) Another mechanism by which A-GPC may increase GH secretion is by improving the fluidity of pituitary membranes, thus increasing signal transduction at the pituitary level. (39-41) In laymen’s terms, EndoAmp Max increases the amount of GH secreted from exercise. What sort of effects should I expect from EndoAmp Max? Human research shows that EndoAmp Max can offer the following benefits – Improve the testosterone to cortisol ratio (11,21) Amplify GH levels following exercise (38,39) Increase resistance to stress & fatigue (19-23) Increase exercise capacity (22, 38) Speed recovery & reduce muscle soreness (23,24) Enhanced sense of well-being (19,23) Note: Although PS and A-GPC are naturally present in animal meat, most Americans are probably getting less than 120mg/day of PS & A-GPC combined through a Western diet (17,18,44). Therefore, supplementing with EndoAmp Max will ensure you get a sufficient amount of these highly valuable nutrients for the clinically proven benefits. What are some signs that my cortisol is too high? Excess fat distribution around the face and/or abdominal area (16) Low Libido (33,34) Low Testosterone* (2,3,10) Low GH (Growth Hormone) (12-14) Decreased insulin sensitivity (15) Suppressed immune system (12, 15) Mental depression (34) Easily fatigued or exhausted (34,35) Prolonged recovery from exercise (35) *Cortisol dominance is a primary cause of hypogonadism and male impotence. Keep in mind, it is normal and healthy to have elevated cortisol prior to waking from a night's rest, cortisol increase in evening is part of the body's natural regeneration process. However, it is not healthy to maintain elevated cortisol levels throughout the day. What if I already have low cortisol? Will EndoAmp Max still benefit me? Although seemingly contradictory, the answer is yes. Fortifying the body with the vital phospholipids and nutrients contained in EndoAmp Max will support the proper physiological structure & function of the body. Remember, insufficient cortisol production is generally brought upon by adrenal fatigue which generally originates from over production of cortisol. In order to revive the adrenal glands and restore normal cortisol secretion, you must remove the hyper-cortisol stimulus, and reducethe requirement for cortisol by providing the body with proper nutrition. What does it mean to “reduce the requirement for cortisol”? Cortisol is a catabolic hormone produced by the body to breakdown bodily tissue and free up vital nutrients for the repair and maintenance of the body. (12) Cortisol Secretion 1. When the brain senses a low availability of vital nutrients (e.g., glucose, phospholipids, etc.), it releases adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) which travels down to the adrenal glands. 2. Once ACTH reaches the adrenal glands (above the kidneys), it stimulates the release of cortisol to begin breaking down bodily tissue. (12) When muscle tissue is damaged during intense exercise it creates a high demand for nutrients (e.g., amino acids and phospholipids) for the structural muscle tissue repair. Therefore, if the body is not supplied with sufficient nutrition to repair and rebuild the damaged cellular tissue, it will release cortisol to breakdown other areas of the body for the nutrients it needs. Aside from breaking down muscle tissue for glucose and amino acids, research shows that cortisol also breaks down testicular tissue and reduces the body’s ability to produce testosterone, perhaps as a mechanism to free up phospholipid stores within the testes. (2-10) Research with over-trained and/or malnourished athletes has clearly shown that high cortisol levels are associated with low testosterone levels. This is known as a low testosterone to cortisol ratio and is highly correlated with decreased performance, slow recovery and inability to gain lean body mass. (45,46) Therefore, when the body is supplied with ample nutrients to repair itself, it reduces the requirement for cortisol. Can I stack EndoAmp Max with other testosterone support supplements? Yes, EndoAmp Max can enhance the effectiveness of other testosterone boosting supplements by amplifying the testes ability to produce testosterone. This synergistic effect makes EndoAmp Max an important addition to our Testosterone Recovery Stack. It also makes EndoAmp Max a vital part of post cycle therapy (PCT), when preserving muscle mass and restoring natural testosterone production is of the utmost importance. Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 serving scoop = 2200mg Servings per container: 29 Amount Per Serving %DV* SerinAde® 1600mg** Phosphatidylserine 800mg** Phosphatidylcholine 154mg** Phosphatidylethanolamine 128mg** Phosphatidylinositol 68mg** Alpha Size® A-GPC (alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine) 600mg** *Daily Value **Daily Value not established Other Ingredients: Mannitol Version 1 Recommended Use: Each order of EndoAmp Max includes a dosing scoop. Take one leveled scoop daily. Take powder alone or mix with a preferred beverage. Take with or without food. Store in a dry cool place away from light. NOTICE: No artificial sweeteners or colors No preservatives This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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