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Iron Legion

Invictus (b-AET)

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Invictus Invictus is an advanced cortisol control agent that can be integrated into fat loss, lean muscle building, and/or post cycle therapy regimens. Iron Legions topical absorption matrix is designed to improve the bioavailability of the primary active component, B-Adrostenetriol. What is Cortisol & How it Effects Body Composition: In order to fully appreciate how much Invictus can aid one reach their body-composition goals, it is important to understand what cortisol is and how it is detrimental to ones physique. Cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands, and is considered to be a stress hormone. When the body is under stress (either physical or psychological), it produces excess cortisol to try to help combat the stress. The body’s way of helping to combat the stressors is by liberating energy stores. Cortisol assists in that process by breaking down muscle protein into amino acids and stored fat into fatty acids as fuel sources for the body. This process is detrimental to overall body composition because it translates into increased fat storage and decreased lean muscle tissue. Cortisol’s Detrimental Effect on Lean Muscle: Cortisol breaks down muscle protein into amino acids for use as a fuel source – in laymen’s terms this means that cotrisol breaks down your muscle tissue. By helping suppress cortisol levels, it is likely that one can keep more of their hard earned gains. Cortisol’s Effect on Fat Storage: Cortisol assists in breaking down stored body-fat into fatty acids so that the body can have an immediate energy source to help combat the stressors. This at first sounds like a good thing, but the long term effect of this action is these fatty acids being stored as the most easily accessible type of body-fat for the same future use, visceral fat. Visceral fat is the type of fat that is located around the internal organs; it is also the type of fat most closely associated with a variety of health conditions including heart disease. Also, by altering fat distribution from subcutaneous fat to more cortisol sensitive areas, physical appearance can be detrimentally affected. For example, cortisol sensitive areas include the abdominal ‘pot belly’ appearance, excess facial fat storage, etc. Directions for use: Apply .5 to 1ml one to two times per day. Empty dropper into the palm of the hand and then spread thinly onto clean skin over a large surface area. Ideal application sites include the chest, clavicle region, shoulders, neck, and upper back. Wash hands after applying. If local irritation occurs discontinue use. Do not use continuously for longer than six weeks without a period of discontinuation. Professional athletes should consult their regulatory body before using.

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